Saturday, January 18, 2014

GelliPlate Printing

Ok, new playtime.

I saw a gelliplate for the first time at my fiber group meeting on Wednesday.  I was really fascinated by the idea of printing on a gel plate using dye paints.  Have you ever done any of that?

Judy said she has made gel plates and sent us her recipe.  You can also buy a gelliplate from GelliArts or you can make your own.

I decided to make my own!  An adventure!

I had one partial box of gelatin.  So that was a trip to the grocery.  I had 5 other things on the list for Target, where one wants to have cash and not credit cards.  I had $60 so I figured nothing would cost that much.  On the way we decide to stop at Dairy Queen for a MooLatte of course.

Finally, Target.  I got my groceries which include leeks for carrot soup for tomorrow, laundry detergent, method spray to clean the granite, half and half for the carrot soup and of course my Knox gelatin. Under $60!  Yes, cash for Target!

just out of the fridge
Home.  Mixed up the gelatin and even though the directions said to use a 9  x 13 pan, I thought, hey, I have a cookie sheet.  Why not make it larger????  So I did.

It has to sit in the fridge for 30 minutes.   It did.   I liked the feel of it in my hands.  And in playing with it, I broke off a corner.

I raced to get my seta colors and make a print before anything else happened to it!

First, I put too little paint on the plate. 

See  the leaf stamp?
then I added more paint and stamped it with a commercial stamp I had.  I tore it with the stamp.

GTI found the bag the oranges came in, it has netting on one side for orange breathability.  It printed nicely in green.

But the gel plate tore again.  I decided that it was too thin and the

directions were right to make it thicker.  I tossed the entire thing because it was tearing everytime I touched it now.
Orange bag netting

Tomorrow I will make another one according to the directions and will add an additional packet of gelatin just for fun.


  1. I was given two gelli plates but have only used them on paper things. Can't wait to see how they work on fabric.

  2. I've heard of them but don't really know what they are. This process of making them is very interesting, wierd enough to be cool. I remember drinking that stuff as a teenager to make my nails grow.

  3. I bought the gelatin last year and never got any farther. I did end up using some of the gelatin to make Panna Cotta since everyone on Master Chef was making Panna Cotta. I wasn't crazy about Panna Cotta and I will never make it again.


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