Tuesday, January 21, 2014

McGee Works on His River City Challenge Entry

I have had a glorious two hours in my quilt room.  No dogs.  No Frank.  Just me and my sewing machine.  It was marvelous!

I worked on the Challenge piece for River City and I cannot show it to you.  I must be fair.  If you saw how glorious it was you would want to rush to the meeting and vote for it as the winner of the evening!

I am pleased with the way it is coming along.  I had serious fearful thoughts about my ability to make this work, but I am feeling good about it.  Right now anyway.  We shall see when I walk into the meeting and see what great things others have done.

Since I can't show you that, I can show you this work of art.  McGee was upset about something.  I think it was that he was not getting his 3 o'clock bone fast enough, like it was 2:30 and it wasn't due yet in my eyes.

But he thought it was going to be late. When he looked down the hallway he found that Frank had left the gate down and he had access to the bathroom.

He at the WHOLE ROLL!

So this is his handiwork,  Maybe one day I will get him under control! Or maybe not!

Sigh!!!  Deep sigh!



  1. Well at least your knew knit basset doesn't eat the toilet paper. Maybe McGee is jealous with a new and well behaved pup in the house???

  2. I hope you made Frank clean it up since he was the one who left the gate open. I think McGee had his fiber for the day - no, the week!

  3. Birthday cake realized....lol...

  4. Hahaha!! My basset Baxter would totally be the same. Although it would be Buster (also a basset) who would be fretting about a meal being late... poor guy, he usually starts on me around 1:00 p.m. (dinner's not till 4, buddy).



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