Tuesday, January 28, 2014

OPAM finishes

This January I joined the ladies at OPAM (One Project A Month).  The idea is to PLAN to finish at least ONE project eah month.  If you just do one a month that is still 12 projets that got finished.

If you want to see more about the OPAM check out the following:

Tag Along Teddies - OPAM

These are the finishes I  am claiming for January.  I may have more after being "snowed" in  today, there are several just hanging around waiting for binding.  Three to be exact.
Teal Twins
Luke and Myles
Wizard o Oz

It started with the freezing rain about half an hour ago.  And now it is mixed with some actual snow flakes.  They have begun to close the bridges.  We have lots and lots of bridges!  It is impossible to get anywhere in the city without crossing 12.

Let me go work on some bindings.

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  1. We have been waiting for snow all day! Nothing so far. They even closed the schools. I guess it is true -you can't predict the weather!


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