Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tea Towel Challenge wiith Sophie's Junction

I have narrowed down the choices of fabrics that will go with my tea towel.  I loved Sophie's chickens from last year.  The details in her towel lent themselves perfectly for chickens, baby chicks and eggs in the surrounding layers.  I didn't seem to pick that up when I chose the London Fog.  I do love the London Fog, I think it will stretch my abilities and create a wonderful quilt in the end.  I may have some pains getting there though!

I think I need one more fabric, a yellow zinger.  I don't have the right yellow in my stash  so I will have to find a piece in a quilt shop.  I was glad to find that greenish grey at Charlene's beautiful shop in Lafayette, J & B Quilting.

Here is where I am right now.  I may end up making some changes or additions later on.  I will have to eventually cut up some of the fabrics and add them to the towel.  This is the scariest part of quilting for me.  Well, one of them.  Starting a design on my own.

It scares a lot of people, I know.  I feel my heart beat increase and my stomach clenches.  Really.  I know that is what you feel too.  But if you resolve to just take the next step, you can over come that.

And once the quilt is going and you love it, and other people love it too, you will be filled with an excitement that feels like an increased heart beat and a stomach clench........with a little elation tossed in!


  1. i like your fabric choices and do agree that you need a bright yellow!

  2. Nice fabric choices. That lamplight yellow in the towel really draws me in. Good luck finding your zinger fabric. You really summed up the scary part about designing this. I haven't a plan for mine, but I'm confident that step by step, it'll get where it needs to go. Remind me of that in a month, okay? ;)

  3. I love your very unique tea towel! Have fun with it! It'll be so much fun to see what everyone makes.

  4. You are so right - just take a deep breath and dive in . . . it's only fabric and goodness knows, we all have more in our stashes!


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