Sunday, January 19, 2014

The End of My Birthday Weekend

I talked Frank into taking me to some places to try out some of the features of the new camera.  This is showing the zoom lens.  It is a 42X zoom!  Wow!

The bridge you see is the "old" Mississippi River Bridge built in 1940 that crosses the river at the State Highway 190.  We call it the Old Bridge but the official name is the Huey P. Long  Bridge.  One of our infamous governors who actually had a good chance to be President of the US had he not been shot in the Capitol Building one day.

This is the "new" Mississippi River Bridge over the river at Interstate 10.  If you come here from Texas this is the one you will come over.  It is really named the Horace Wilkinson Bridge.  And even though we call it the New Bridge it was completed in 1968.  I guess old habits die hard!

This is the USS Kidd and the levee looking toward downtown.   These pictures will be more important as the level of the Mississippi River rises when the snow melts upriver.

We have seen it pretty high and we have seen it pretty low.   But it s always there, always flowing and always our River.

 The leftmost building in the photo above is the State Capitol.  This is the camera zoomed on the flag that flies from its very top. 

Pretty good.  Pretty good.

 Since I had to go to the bathroom, and the Museum was there, we decided to check out the exhibit.  We are members of LASM and generally go to the exhibits as they change.  This one was by Anthony Ryan who is the local boy who won The Runway show. 

Carrie went to school with him, they had classes together.  We knew him as Ryan Auld.  Now he has dropped the Auld and is Anthony Ryan.  I guess he needed a new name!

His work was incredible!  Simple lines, very modern look.  I can see why he appeals to the beautiful young (and very skinny) people like Carrie.

Frank's favorite was a space looking evening wear and mine was, no doubt, the one with the fringe.  I love fringe-y stuff!

If you have an embroider machine you can work, here is an idea for you!

Here we are looking at it from the second floor.

 The setting was perfect for the sleek lines of his work.  I so love the way this museum just gets the feel of the exhibits.
I took this pictre to show Carrie.  Wen she was like 3 or 5 my Aunt Edith gabe her one of her old pink nightgowns to play with.  She would use all my safety pins and all my scotch tape and make these incredible creations.  Sometimes they looked JUST LIKE THIS!


And as quilters, we are familiar with jay McCarroll.  He was represented upstairs as one of the many winners of Runway.

But best of all, in the Space section of the museum, I found out that on Mars I would weigh 75 lbs.


  1. I went brain dead last week and miss the Project Runway All Stars finale. Hopefully it will be repeated this week before Tim Gunn's new show. You have now given me a reason to want to go to Mars.

  2. Wow, I guess that camera is pretty awesome after all , we of little faith :-)


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