Thursday, February 20, 2014

I Made A Fish! Ya Gotta See This!

I will answer Carol's questions about the beans here as well.  I guess first.  I don't really measure when I do the dishes I grew up with, so bear with me here.

I used about 1/2 a carton of chicken broth.  But I have also used plain water, vegetable broth and beef broth.  Whatever your tastes are, I guess.  And I monitor it fairly closely so I add additional liquid if it seems to need it.  And on the other hand, you don't want it too liquid-y, but that is better than burning it!

You do want a bit more liquid than you see in that photo  because I had to add more in the end time.  I was just gun shy from the last time when I made it too wet.  I try to be conservative with liquid because you can add more at any point.The

I also use that same ham in mirlatons, squash casserole, egg breakfasts, other kinds of beans, and some other things I can't think of right now.  I use it a lot so I do get a big ham and everyone laughs at me until I am cooking in June with the ham from January.

I cook those large lima beans and navy beans the same way.  They taste similar but different.

OK --------------------

My fish!

The theme in my small fiber group next month is Aquatic.  I thought of Bill Murray in The Life Aquatic.  Did you see that?  I loved it.   But I didn't do Bill!

I did this guy!  It was a learning curve, as is most of my stuff.  I looked on the internet and saw a way cool fish purse I wanted to make, but it seemed daunting. Then I saw this guy and figured I could do him more easily.

I originally cut the outside body out of a raveling piece of curtains.  Duh.  Did not work, idiot!  Then my eyes lit upon this black to go with the already made gold fins and tail.

The tail has some tweaking to do, so don't dwell on that too long.  Look at his zipper mouth!  He looks like he is making fun of me, doesn't he, with that sideways grin.

And his fins!

And his body.

I love him!

And McGee is helping me get all new stuff.  He destroyed a pot holder while I was sewing my fish.

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  1. Love the fish- that is so clever -- the zipper mouth is so cool!


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