Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It Is a Good Thing I Have Credit Cards

McGee was upset that I was trimming the edges of the quilt in my room and not watching him.  I was not happy when i saw my check book.  He ate every check. ALL of them.

But somehow I got the quilt quilted and trimmed.  Now I need to find a binding.

When the retreat was cancelled due to a burst pipe in one of the freezes we had, my hopes of completing this quilt last month were dashed.  I loved it when Carol suggested the name, it suited the situation! The Forest of Frozen Sorrows is the perfect moniker for this quilt.

The backing came from my old curtains.  Nothing was purchased in this quilt, it all came from the stash!  I consider that a win as well.

After I put it on the frame I battled the tension for three hours.  I have no idea why it was so  difficult to set the tension, but I had all kinds of problems.  Not machine problems, mostly human error.  Like this.

I realized at some point that one of the thread guides was empty so everything I had worked had to be re-worked.  And McGee ate my lunch. And then the napkin.  And then the instructions on how to use the Towa Guide.

I was not happy about that either since I had to find the YouTube video on my iPad to tell me how to work it.

I wanted to do something simple so I did loops to indicate the wind blowing the snow and the leaves around.  The pattern and the fabrics were going to overpower any quilting, so the loops are difficult to see.  But here they are on two of the lighter colored leaves.  Smooth.........

All I need is the binding and it will go into the finish column for the OPAM.



  1. I think you should have your vet glue McGee's teeth together!!!! You have the patience of a saint... I have a kitty who hides things, but at least he doesn't eat them - we find them weeks later - under a couch or chair.

  2. I can't believe the dog ate your checks. That dog is unreal! I need to get my tea towel quilt done too so you are not alone in that quest!

  3. What do the behavior experts say about McGee other than he is the devils child? I'm sure you have tried everything. I hate to even suggest a muzzle but do they make a humane one maybe? I don't know that I would have your patience but then what what else can you do when he looks at you with those mournful eyes after he destroys your home.

    Your leaf quilt is great and knowing it's all from your stash makes it even better. Bravo!

  4. Oh that McGee...what's a Mom to do! Great name for the quilt and the problems you experienced with the quilting process is not showing at all in the quilting..it's awesome!!


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