Tuesday, February 25, 2014


No!  Not THAT kind of pot!  

When we went to the mall the other day, I saw a great deal in William Sonoma.  You know they are pretty expensive.  I go in and smell the air, look at the fun stuff I want to own but don't need and check out the clearance table.

Well on the 60% clearance table was the $299 pressure cooker I have been lusting over.  So I handed it to Frank and let him assume he needed to go purchase it.  And he did!

He even carried it though the mall to two other stores where we bought some new sheets for the bed, 600 count at an wonderful price at Macy's.  That is actually what we went to the mall to buy.  Oh, and a belt for Frank.  He is hard on belts for some reason.

So I bought a pot roast and tossed together some veggies and made this wonderful dinner.

 See the steam from the valve?  Cool.  this one is not digital, I couldn't figure out what recipe would have a digital reading.  this one does have a high, medium and low pressure setting.

So in 1/2 hour I will add the veggies to the meat and cook for another 15 minutes and dinner will be DONE!

 At the open air Farmer's Market on Saturday I found some fresh cut pork chops for tomorrow with some sweet potatoes and apples. And tomorrow that will be my next experiment.  With cinnamon, brown sugar and salt.  Yum!


  1. I have never used a pressure cooker. The have demos on QVC all the time for the ones they sell. They seem fairly easy to use, but for a single person like me I am not sure I need one. I did buy a new kitchen item the other day and I will post it once I receive it.

  2. Oh lucky! I have heard they are great. I listen Americas test kitchen podcast and they say pressure cookers are the new hot item and work beautifully. Making homemade stock - a breeze!


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