Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stash Report WeeFeb 2, 2014 - Nearly 20 yds down!

I was supposed to be on a really wonderful and totally productive quilt retreat.But because of the horribly cold weather in South Louisiana, the pipes burst in the building and they flooded the center all night and half the day before they found them.  So I had to unpack my gear in a 22 degree cold night and cool my sorrows all by myself.

So I should have a lot of stuff to report, instead I only have the one finish to a top.  Leaves.  And I am looking for a great name for it.

I am open to suggestions.  Please make some.

I am looking at something like:

Searching for the Utopian Forest
the Nightingale Sings in Berkeley Square
Sitting Up  in the Cold Waiting For You

Used this week -11.75
bought this week 0
plus or minus -11.75

Used this month -11.75
bought this month 0
plus or minus -11.75

Total for 2014
used this year -22.93
bought this year 3.5
plus or minus -19.43


  1. What about Cold and Frozen Sorrows? =) Or Autumn in a Frozen Time Warp? Or I Went to a Quilt Retreat and All I Got Was One Terrific Quilt. Whatever you call it, it's a great finish. I'm so sorry your retreat was ruined. Not to be expected in Louisiana! Stash use is looking good, though.

  2. Oh dear what a mess. On the other had your quilt is gorgeous -- it seems as if you've already come up with some unique names.

  3. The quilt came out lovely. What about Lovely Leaves or Lovely Signs of Autumn. Hope the retreat can be rescheduled.


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