Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Take a Chance On Me

I hve a ton of stuff to do today to get ready for my board meeting toniht. 

but I wanted to leave you with a little, fun, heartwarming thing that  was done in Wake County SPCA.  They have a beautiful facility, one that I lust after.

It is heartwarming, fun and makes you love what they are doing there.

Take A Chance On Me!

is not bad, I can't watch that stuff.  This will make you smile all day long!

I took a chance on these guys, and look what it has gotten me.......OK, lets not go there.


  1. Your three look so sweet (smelling) and innocent ... at that moment.

    The video and song choice were a great idea, but ... call me cranky, but those kittens and puppies they were slinging around didn't make me smile. I think it would have been better if the video was more about (and more respectful) of the animals.


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