Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Better Day

I had a better day today.  I did not get a ticket and I drove through 3 school zones.  there's that number again.  And like Carol said, I do have the 3 cutesy mud angels. 

And since Frank is home tonight, and I am home tonight and no meetings anywhere, I think I will be able to work in the sewing room.  I will take pictures for you when I get some stuff done.  Well, maybe  not.  I am working on my two cotton robin/modern robin piecds so you really can't see it until the very very very end! 

But I may be able to put the sides on the Machine quilt.  And find a really good name for it.  Vanessa calls it Handmade, but it looks machine made to me!  So  need a sort of mechanical name. 

And I need to get a-workin' on my London Fog Tea Towel Quilt.

Let mme get to work while the dogs are outside sunning in the disappearing evening sunlight.

Nutria Stew coming to dinner in your city  soon!  We have so many of the critters here, we are shipping them out to other states.  Catch is, they are dinner not pets!  LOL!!!

Oh, and we are getting the Miss USA Pageant here!  Blew all of us away when Bobby Jindal announced it yesterday.  Whoo Hoo!  maybe they can sample some  nutria gumbo!

Miss Louisiana is Brittany Guidry, nice French Louisiana surname.


  1. Nutria? I've never heard of it? Looks like a cross between a beaver and a cougar. Do you really eat them? I suppose it's better than eating Bambi like we do around here :-/

  2. If you could see the whole thing, you'd see that they have a rat-like tail. But, hey, like they say in Louisiana, "how do you eat a (insert any animal)... well, first you make a roux".... put anything in a good roux, add some spices , some veggies, and put it over rice, and it's just yummy!!!


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