Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Here are my thoughts on the tea towel

 This is so old school!  Graph  paper!  I had to dig and dig and dig to find any. 

Oh, the colored in squares would be the yellow and the rest would be the grey and yellow squiggles from back in the last post with the blue tossed in, i guess.

It is a rough estimate in size.  At the present measurement, I figured I could fit 3 trails on the long sides and two and just under a half on the top and bottom.  So here is the mach up of what it wold look like.  I think there is like a 1/4 inch on the sides unaccounted for but I am comfortable with just making the seams a bit smaller in some strategic places. 

The top and bottom however, are a different story.  i got 2.44 when i divided.  So I need to fill in that .4 with something substantial.  It could be blank.  It could be like a crown.  Or it could be a partial continuation of the block flow.   I have shown the possibilities on the first page on the left.

I like the bottom idea best.  so I made the continuation of the trails to match each other.  I am assuming the trails are going to finish at 14 inches.  And I can add the corner pieces to connect the trails on top and bottom.

Can you imagine it?  What do you think? 

At that point it would be about lap size.  Depending on if I am able to find the fabric again, I would be amenable to several more borders. 

Simple borders.  This math is killing me. If you notice I drew one too many blocks into that last border block. 

I guess there is no London block per se.  Oh, I guess now I have to go look................


  1. This will frame the tea towel nicely if you can pull it off. Way past my comfort done but you are afar better piecer than I. Do you have acsess to EQ7 or what ever the number is up to? Someone with it could probablly do this up for you in a jiffy .

  2. I think this quilt will turn out great which ever way you go with this. I guess that I why I love impro piecing so much - not much math - in fact the only math is when I measure the completed quilt!


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