Saturday, March 22, 2014

Home Alone

I am never alone, truly alone.  I have not only my three crazy dogs but now I am the guardian of the grand dog Hugeaux.  that is "Hugo" for those not from South Louisiana.  We like to add as many letters as we can that don't make sense.

I plan on doing some work.  Maye on the machine, for which I still need a great name.  It still needs the borders on three sides.  And the
star quilt needs to have a back and be quilted.

sure how I feel even now, after lunch.  I still may not make it.

I am better on one sense and worse in another.  I am better because I have a mighty antibiotic to kill the bad stuff but worse because now my head is stopped up and I am dealing with a new hell.  Frank is helping the kids move their stuff out of the house and into storage.  I have no idea if they will stay here or at his momma's house or both.  I am thinking both.  

Regardless, now it begins.

I sure hope they find the debris in the Indian Ocean is the missing plane, because that would at least be closure.  And that it is not in the hands of a terrorist wanting to do harm to Israel.  Or us.  That whole thing is totally incredible.  Incredible.  Where is it?  I cannot imagine the pain the families are in.

I have a class on Tuesday, that I have no desire to put together.   I have the rudiments of what I need but I need to find out if I need to cut it out or what.  I really don't need another UFO but I want to take the class with Michael.  So that is how that goes.

I bought fabrics for that class so I will have to declare that tomorrow.


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