Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Japanese Magnolias

I guess you can say I am in the planning and process stage.

I went to Office Depot on Sunday and got my pieces blown up.  Well, not really BLOWN up KABOOM, but blown up as in enlarged.  Frank thinks it is funny when I say blown up.   I have always said that and never thought much about it.

Here is my original typing paper size.  (You can tell how old I am by the reference to typing paper.)

Here is where I cut them up into 9 equal pieces.

Each of the 9 parts was blown up to a page size.  She did that in Photoshop after she scanned them into her computer so I will have to think about that one.  I may not need Office Depot if I can do that myself. Huh, Tracy?

Here are the two as original size and pieced back together blown up size.  Sorry about the strap in there.  I am sure you can adjust.

And to impress you even further, in Photoshop I made a special brush with Quilts and Dogs on it and made a watermark of sorts on the photos.  I am something, don't cha think?  There is room for improvement on that watermark  thing, but I am still something!


  1. Yep, you are something alright! Just what is under discussion.

  2. Cool! You inspire me!


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