Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My Bad Awful $%^* Day

When I called Carrie I put the word in there.  But for you I won't.  Rest assured, it is there!  There are just times that call for the use of powerful words.  And this day was one of them.

I awoke feeling fairly good, my knee was not hurting too too much.  Took a Tylenol and hopped off to Pilates.  I returned home feeling better as I always do after Pilates.  It is so relaxing, I guess I needed it in the aftermath of the day rather than in the morning.

I had a guild meeting that required some paperwork from me, so I pushed the button for 30 copies.  The printer in the other room responded with 30 perfectly blank sheets.  I pushed the button again and went into the other room to see 30 perfectly blank sheets shoot out once again. 

I decided to change the cartridge so I opened up a new HP cartridge and plugged it in and pushed the button.  Again, 30 perfectly blank pages.  I began to troubleshoot the problem, i needed these papers.  I have had a bad cartridge so after much thought, I opened up another one and popped it in.  I had also gotten smarter about other things, so this time i only printed ONE copy.  Of course, it was
perfectly blank.

I took the cartridge out, wondering if I could have gotten two bad cartridges, so I put my finger on the place where the ink comes out and sure enough, I had ink all over my hand almost immediately.  Stupid cartridge.  I thought that maybe it was the printing side of things so I found a page of print and put it into the copy section, and pushed ONE copy.  Yes, perfectly blank.

I decided to run a print test, which said everything was printing fine.  But I saw only red, yellow and cyan......no black.  I jiggled the black one a bit, took it out, cursed at it a bit.  ONE copy, perfectly blank.

I was frustrated.  Hey, you would be too.  I ran a diagnostic.  Clean.  I cleaned the printer heads.  I realigned the printer heads.  ONE copy.....you got it......perfectly blank.

I was running out of time, so I emailed the document to my iPad and left for Office Depot.  On the way I had to pass through a school zone and I saw a cop setting up a  speed trap.  I checked my clock and saw it was 1:43 PM and school zones start at 2 so I didn't slow down.  I was surprised when the cop pointed out me and motioned me to move over to the median.  Along with 23 other people.  Hmmm......  It was 1:44 and I was OK, maybe this was an insurance check.  I dutifully got  out my license and insurance card, and waited for him to go through the cars lined up behind me.  Interestingly, he knew the car was registered to my name and he asked me if I was the glen who was the owner of the vehicle.  He took my license and waved away my insurance card saying he knew my insurance was up to day already.  he informed me I was going 39 in a 20 mps school zone. 

BUT.....I said brilliantly, it was only 1:45.  No, he said even more brilliantly, it is 2:45 D
daylight savings time...........ACKKKKKKKK!

I took the ticket he printed out on his handheld device that knew my driving history.  He told me I had an excellent driving record and had not had a ticket in 26 years.  He was right.  What didn't this guy know?  Maybe he knew why my printer was not printing black.  I should have asked him.

I made it to Office Depot without further tickets.  

I got my stuff printed, and found out that the techs were as mystified by the printing not wanting to print black.  In fact they acted as if this had never happened in the scope of human history.  

I went home, via the post office, and the convenience store (because I needed a hit of chocolate) and made it home without getting any more tickets.  Home, where I found my loving husband already there, ready to offer solace and loving concern.  I pouted up my face the best I
could and announced I had a bad awful day.  It had always worked to Carrie's advantage, he would scoop her up and make her better.  He told me it would be OK and that he had to go cut the grass before it got dark. 

Well!   Oh, and he said he printed out some stuff on my printer and it was working fine.  Oh, AND he said my day would not get any better when I saw what was on the counter top in the kitchen.

What hell hath McGee wrought now????  That was all I could think about.  I searched my brain for what I had left in his reach, what did I forget to put up high?? 

Aughhhh!  Worse than that!  Oh, no!  Noooooooo!  Jury summons.........Shall I just kill myself now?


  1. I have an HP Photosmart 5510 all-in-one printer - that will NOT print with black ink. And, since the black ink won't print, neither will the other colors, except on a test print. I ran all the diagnostics, etc., just like you did. Even dug through more stuff online & tried them all. I still now only have a scanner - no copies, no prints. The first time I ran out of ink & changed the cartridge, it did the same thing. I called HP, they sent me a new cartridge - still no black print....then it suddenly started printing. But this time, no luck. And, being out of work for over 2 years now, no $$ to buy another printer. This no black ink printing seems to be a known problem with this HP printer too. Ergh. I feel your pain. Sorry about the Daylight Stealing Time ticket & the jury summons too. OXO

  2. I think I would have been afraid to get out of bed this morning! What a crap day! After awhile you had to be wondering what else could go wrong. I have had days like that and after awhile you just have to laugh. I am sending you good thoughts that the rest of your week goes smoother - much smoother!

  3. No poop, puke, blood, broken bones or death. Not too awful bad.....


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