Thursday, March 27, 2014

Of Course, The Universe Isn't Finshed With Me Yet

THE SCREAMFrank is sick now, I told you that.  And we were sitting there coughing and sniffling with all 4 dogs quiet and asleep at 9:30 PM watching some program we usually watch on a Wednesday, and we hear a truck pull up.  Maybe my next Master's Series Quilts should be this one.

Carrie and Andrew began unloading boxes of stuff they would need for their stay here. 


Officially moved in.


Andrew is sick.

Thank you, Universe.  But why today?  Could it have waited till the weekend when I was feeling better?  What?  Am I running a hospital ward for the homeless now?

I must be, she left me a grocery list:

Dove Unscented Bath Soap
Diet Dr. Pepper
Diet Coke
face wash

They must be bringing all their stuff to his momma's house.

I wonder if I need to set a curfew?  When Carrie lived at home before, the rule was she couldn't have boys in her room.  I guess that rule is out.

It will be interesting!  Thank you, Universe, for sending me more material for my novel.


  1. What is wrong with her! Can't she see you are sick :-( let her get her own damn toothpaste. How old is she? I know you love her but ...........
    Yes, making "the scream" quilt is just what you need to do. Shut the door to your sewing room and don't come out until may.
    Or move to Vermont and live with me. I will throw Dave out and you can bring the bassets.

  2. Oh, and after reading about Micheal Young, you can bring him too. I would buy him toothpaste and diet coke anytime :-)


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