Thursday, March 6, 2014

OPAM Finishes in Toto

That means the total number of OPAM finishes for the Month of February.

OPAM is One Project A Month.  It is a group of people who strive to complete at least one project each month.  So minimally, you would finish 12 projects, right?  I figured I would do it and push myself to finish projects.

If you check the required sidebar on my blog you will see that I have completed 11 projects so far and have several in the wings.  Oh, and don't think this is all I  have.  I have a literal roomful of  UFOs to challenge myself with.

At the end of each month, Sweet Peg will tally up the group's finishes and select several people to be winners.  Best of all, ,she tells us how many projects we collectively finished.

Guess how much we completed in February?


We are so complete.

And that is good.

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  1. 418! That is a lot of finishes! I don't have a goal for the year, but I am happy with the five finishes so far this year and soon to be six on Monday.


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