Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tea Towel Fabrics - Anew!

I feel better about the fabrics now and maybe I can take Sophie's joie de vivre and actually get some rounds on it. 

I also saw a post the other day on Quilted Fabric Art where Carol talked about Seminole Piecing.  It flashed through my mind as exactly what my LAST Tea Towel Quilt needs to get it back on track.

But that will happen later.......maybe........now I want to work on it!  Geez.

Anyway.  Here is what I added.  I figured that if I  am down 50 yards of usage,, I can afford to get a couple of that back for tea towel perfection.  The London Fog towel is really difficult to color match.  But here is what the color experts at the Red Stick came up with.

 I don't know if you can actually see the color of the Bobby's  blue,
but it, like the green grey of the towel, is an odd one.  I previously had selected this a the only thing in my stash that matched.  I felt the yellow dots would also fit in.  It did not.  The dots, which are actually apples, drew your eye directly to them, away from the focus of the  quilt, the tea towel.

So we found this to replace it.  I feel much better about the solid-ness.  This photo is way off the color, adding too much yellow to it.

I also needed another fabric to add into the mix.  I just needed more possibilities to make the rows easier to build.  We came up with this.  It has the same background grey green that the solid grey green has. 

I am happier.  Much happier.  Sophie, head's up!



  1. I like your choice. Almost like a crackle finish picture frame!

  2. That tea towel is gorgeous! The last two fabrics are perfect. Maybe you could use the dot one for the back. I'm unfamiliar with the whole tea towel thing. I know what a tea towel is - do you add borders and other fabrics to make it into a quilt? Where did you find that London fog? It's really cool

  3. I like the new fabrics, but as for my joie de vivre ... I now find myself stuck again. And somehow, being stuck on my quilt design has left me generally stuck in life, too, at the moment. I hope to find an idea and some momentum to bring this one home soon.


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