Thursday, April 10, 2014

Buggy Barn Dogs Completed

What I wanted this quilt to be is exactly what it is.  Three dogs.  Crazy dogs.  On a quilt.  Playing nicely.

I love the colors, the dogs, the modern quilting and the entirety of it all.

It is now in the finished column.

These photos were taken on the sundial my father made.  He copied it from the one at the Mississippi Rest Stop on I-10.  He loved it and decided to recreate it.  When he died I wanted to put it on his grave but the cemetery didn't allow above ground things.  Imagine that in New Orleans.  So it sits in my yard as my reminder of his love of his garden.  It is one of the good things I know about him.

These were taken in my River Birch tree as it begins to turn into a green leafy profusion.  See my deck in the back of it? I love that deck.  It is cool in the shade even in the heat of the summer.

The quilting was done on my Husqvarna Domestic.   Not sure what to call the pattern, I think I invented it.  However, I most likely saw a design that sparked the idea of it somewhere.

It reminds me of pods of a plant of some sort.  Very modern, it suits the wonkiness of these dogs.

The back is a weird pinkish fabric, that has noting to do with the front colors.  Why I chose that I will never know.  Crazy.

Not sure what the name will be, but it will reflect the three crazy idiots who own me!

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  1. Great quilt! Cheerful colors just like you and your dogs - whack and wag? Or stack and wag? They are stacked eeeh I don't know. You do need a good name for this Quillco


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