Friday, April 25, 2014

Getting Rid of Something That Shouldn't Be There

 Yesterday I told you that I inadvertently sewed some batting to the backing of the Star Quilt.  I thought I would show you how I got it off without ripping out any stitches.

I was half way done when I thought to take these pictures!

Here is the offending patch.
 I found my fine embroidery scissors.  They have a curved scissor and don't cut the fabric.  They can, but it makes it less likely. 

Trim close to the stitching line without cutting the stitching. 
 Sometimes the pieces will just pull out.  But this one did not and I needed to trim on the other side of the flap piece. 

Nice tight tweezers help a lot.  I am surprised I found mine! 
Be careful not to pull on the stitching line.

It is just as easy if this is a piece of fabric.  I have done that too!  LOL.

 Here is the batting pulled out from under that center section. 

With all the batting removed you can roll up the large piece of batting and run it over the stitching lines like you are scrubbing a pot. 

It will pick up a lot of the lint on there.

And I did it without cutting a single thread!

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  1. I wish I had seen this earlier ... someone at the retreat had a quilt with this problem ... at least you know you aren't alone ;-)


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