Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Find Myself at a Quilting Crossroads

Yes, a quilting crossroads.  And my calendar today is open. 

What?  An open calendar?  Yes, let's fill it!

1.  Trim KerBloom! (most likely at the Quilt Shop) which requires a road trip!
2.  Put  borders on Machine
3.  Load another quilt on he frame and begin quilting, most likely Star (need flashy name)
4.  Work on Sunshine on Water for Fiber Group
5.  Finish binding on Buggy Barn Dogs
6.  Get more green grey for Tea Towel
7.  Look at Chicken Dance to see what it needs next.  Poor thing!

Lets see how much I can get done today.  Highly unlikely that I will gget all of it done but I am going to make a run at it.

I finally got a call from the Supervisor in the city who handles requests to the DA.  I was granted the opportunity to take an online test about driving skills which will wipe the infamous ticket off my record.  The DA had to approve it for some reason. 

It must go to only the most special people. 
Like a Papal Bull. 

I will take that thought and know I am THAT special!

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  1. Lofty goals indeed! We expect a full report on what was actually accomplished tomorrow . Omg, I sound like my 5th grade teacher.


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