Friday, April 4, 2014

Off The Wall Friday -- When You Can't Find Corduroy in a Shop, Make Your Own Supplier

Consider this a process post rather than a picture post.  I am hooking up with NinaMarie's Off the Wall posts so you can see that others have actually accomplished something this week.  (click on the green)

I took that beading class and workshop last weekend with Thom Atkins, world renown beading fiber artist out of California.  If you don't know of him, go back in my posts for Monday and Tuesday, I have some of his work posted.  And look him up.  he is amazing

While I was in the workshop, I kept thinking of all the things I have made that could benefit from beading.  Everything!  I was stoked.  But have not done anything yet.

Well, I did something.  I met the owner of, get this,  the brand new three week old bead shop that opened about 3 minutes from my doorstep.  is that a disaster waiting to happen or what?

The minute I left the shop I immediately called Tracy and made her agree to come with me in a few weeks,  back to the shop and buy stuff.  I need the moral support of someone who is just like me and who needs more beads and can appreciate a good scoop tool when she sees one.

 I also went into the Purple Cow, our local thrift shop, and they had a whole slew of stuff on their 99 cent rack.  I scored these beauties.  Corduroy pants, in chocolate cocoa colors, to die for.

Here you can see four pairs of various brown shades of nice corduroy pants.  The stripey one is a mid level cotton capri pants, and the leaves are a luscious top that has a good bit of linen in it mixed with some rame cotton fibers.  Three of these pieces had the tags still on them!

Ok.  I bought the capri pants with the idea that if I don't make the quilt soon and I lose weight I will fit in them this summer.  What?  You know i will..........right?

And the grand total of the bill was $6.18.

You can't beat that with a stick!

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  1. Of course you'll lose the weight! Go on girl! Lose it for both of us because I can't stop with the sugar lately! I'll have to send you MY capri pants!
    LeeAnna Paylor


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