Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Stash Report 4-20-14 and Happy Easter

 Carrie is dyeing eggs at Andrew's cousin's house where they had the Easter Brunch that Carrie usually hosts.  That is her mother in law in the pink behind her.

 Here are the eggs sitting in the various dyes.  She gets creative with the colors.  She really should be dying fabrics.  Are you able to dye fabric with the egg dyes?  Maybe I should go quick and get the cheap leftover dyes from the dollar stores

Anybody know the answer to that?

 I finished a quilt and got to claim it!  Yes.

But I did buy some things at the sale red Stick was having prior to moving into their new digs on Tuesday!

Not quite a wash, but I am still using up that fabric!  Go Sewing Machine!

Used this week -13.5
Used this month -14 used this year -79
bought this week 3.5
bought this month 23 bought this year 45
plus or minus -10
plus or minus 9 plus or minus -34

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