Friday, April 4, 2014

The End Is Here! KerBloom! is Quilted

And the fix worked perfectly.  I can't say it was easy, but it wasn't hard either, really.  More of a logistics problem and a bit of pain in the pattooty work.

I found a piece of the same backing fabric.  When you have short term memory you forget that you cut off about 1/2 yard and folded it up in the Batik Section of the quilting room.  So when I was searching for the pieces
I had leftover from the top I put somewhere, I found the backing piece.  I never found the top leftovers.

Here is the seam line across the back

Since I had 1/2 yard of 44 inches and needed 12 inches by width of quilt, I cut the 1/2 yard cross-wise in three 14 inch strips and sewed them together.  It was sort by ab out 4 inches which I hacked off the side of the quilt back that hung over too far.

The quilting is cool.  It was easy, different enough to not be boring, and versitile enough to not get me stuck in a corner somewhere I couldn't get out of.

I hand sewed it all the way across the quilt using a back stitch.  I felt it was pretty secure.
I reattached the quilt back to the frame using my Red Snappers (love those things!)
 And I finished up the last row of quilting and took it off the frame.

Love that moment!

Here is Frank standing on the bed holding the quilt up.  It is huge!    My bed is queen sized and it fits across the mattress and hangs over the other side a bit.

And heavy. It took 14 bobbins!

And it is finished!  The quilting anyway, I have th binding cut already.  I is the multicolored splash sashing that is beside the black sashing.   An odd choice, but it came in the kit that way. 

So it is "nearly" finished.


  1. You are a trooper. And the quilt is very beautiful!!!!


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