Thursday, April 24, 2014

Triibute Memorial

I have been totally absorbed by the news stories about MA370 and the search going on near Australia.  It is the only time I have ever watched CNN and actually believed what they are saying!  They usually make me crazy with their political coverage and I turn them off.

 But they are hanging on to the MA370 coverage when most other stations just do minimal coverage.  So I watch it with eyes glued to the screen.  I know all the players, Mary Schaivo, Don Lemon, Wolf Blitzer. et al.  I was watching when CNN's Newscaster Don Lemon asked with a straight face if it could have been sucked in by a black hole.  The former US DOT Inspector General took as second to digest the question, then assured poor Don that if a black hole was close enough to suck the plane in, it would suck the entire Earth in as well!

Anyway, barring a black hole heading this way, I am watching the search, waiting for that announcement that they have found the wreckage and I can rest again.

I have been toying with doing a Tribute Quilt.  I actually have the perfect UFO to  use as a base.  Those paper airplanes.  I think that will be a great piece.  I would show it to you but I can't put my hands on it at the moment, fitting I guess.  And I still don't have access to all my stuff in the cloud.

Maybe I can pull it from an earlier post. Ah, yes.  It is completed to the top stage right now.   I see a black border with blue or red letters saying MA370 and something else.  Just on the top and the right side.  The ocean would be clear as a statement about the depths of the ocean it most likely rests in.  I really do  hope they find it soon.  And that I find my piece as well!

And after that ferry in S. Korea, I guess I need a boat one as well.    And maybe an IRS scandal one as well...............sigh


  1. See there was a reason you hadn't finished that piece!

  2. I remember when you started the airplane quilt. Perfect choice for a tribute quilt. Do it! Finish it! You will feel better. I can see some really cool swirly cloud quilting in that cloud negative space. There must be a spot for some beading as well. Birds? Parachutes? Wind wisps? How can you put a black hole in there? Something on the back maybe? Why am I asking so many questions? You have the answers ;-)


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