Saturday, May 10, 2014

And We Have A Bit Of Rain

I am sitting here at 12:15 AM on a very new Saturday morn, watching American Ninja Warrior and the rain.  We have had over 6 inches so far today.  In the day's defense, it did start early in the morning and it rained all the hours of the day.

It poured on us and our friends even during dinner at the local Nagoya sushi bar and hibachi grill.  I don't do sushi but the hibachi is marvellous and the green tea and plum wine ice creams are divine!

I love,watching the sinewy bodies of the muscular young hunks on American Ninja Warrior as they, one by one, fall in the waters of despair on the way to Mt. Midoriama.  The few who make it have surmounted great feats of strength and willpower to make it to the finals.  I root for them all!

But I especially love when they step up to the platform with no shirts and those tight work out pants.  Yeah buddy.  Tight pants!

In other news, Frank (who could wear those tight pants if he wanted to) said he would doggy sit if I wanted to work in the quilt studio tomorrow.  I will have to cook those incredible ribs for Sunday.   A friend once told me that if he were on Death Row, he would ask for these ribs for his last meal, they are that good!

Secret recipe, if you come to eat them I would have to kill you..........

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  1. I've never watched American Ninja Warrior but ...Hmmm...sounds interesting. Hope you get to sew and hang out in your sewing room tomorrow. Nothin like a good rack of ribs!!


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