Friday, May 2, 2014


I am having a great day.  So far....

Well, other than the driving, anyone who knows me knows very well I am not a driving person.  I hate to be on the road for hours, good weather or bad.  If I had Franks job, I would have pulled over in some remote little Louisiana town and blown my brains out in 1978.

But today I am putting up with the driving to meet my favorite cousin at middendorf's in Manchac LA for catfish.  And can you believe I still have her Christmas present???    I can't wait to give it to her.  She will be so astounded at what a great cousin I am to have put all the effort into this persent!

And I just get to be with her for a couple of hours. I do so miss her.  When I confirmed out meeting earlier this week, we talked for two hours!!!  Frank always asks me, how can you have things to talk about for TWO hours...

Back to inspiration.  Sophie over at the Block Lotto spoke about inspiration.  She said it is blue skies and blooming flowers that inspires her.  I get inspired by people like cousin Karen, who is so incredibly creative and talented.  She introduced me to so many new crafts and ideas about life.  I love to just sit and listen to her.  She has the mannerisms of all of us Gracis. We don't just talk, we expound!

I am also inspired by the people in my quilt guilds.  When they show their beautiful work, it gives me ideas.  I also get inspired by the many new ideas on the internet.  I cannot imagine having a better mix of technology and history as we have today.  Our quilting hails from an ancient, well olden, tradition of women generations past.  And yet we have the instant technology of the internet.  And the iPad!  I am sitting in a McDonalds in Pontchatoula posting to my blog!

So....what inspires you???  Think about it and write a post on your blogs or post to me here and share your inspiration points with me.

Whatever you do, spend some time this weekend getting inspired to create!!!


  1. I hate driving as well but like you do my breaks at McDonalds - clean bathrooms and good coffee.
    What inspired me? One word - NATURE and with the wonderful internet I am seeing so many photos of beautiful things I would be creating for a hundred years and still not scratch the surface of what I want to do. And the iPhone camera is my new love. It's always with me and you never know when you come across a cool looking rock or leaf or whatever.
    Enjoy your trip!

  2. I am also no road warrior and have been happiest when I could even walk to work ;-)

    I think I'm like a magpie and inspired by anything in my line of sight ... work from other quilts, colors in my environment and FMQ quilting designs everywhere.

    Thanks for joining the link party.


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