Friday, May 2, 2014

Working on Magnolias This Week

I want to work on the magnolias this week.  I may need to call Tracy and see if it would be good to use her technique or to do it like the Matisse Lady piece.

Tracy won Honorable Mention with this beauty in the GSQA Show.  A pretty nice win.  She has a great eye for color and pattern.  Something I lack.  

I am excited to get to work on it, it will be fabulous and I can add beading to the piece to push it over the edge.

I can't find the full photos of the Japanese Magnolias.  I still don't have my computer fixed so that I can access my files in the Cloud.

My trip to visit with Cousin Karen was wonderful.  Here she is, looking the part of an intrepid Egyptian explorer making a discovery..  The sun was out until I got the camera out.  We solved some of the world's problems and just loved being together.

glen:  yes, we both do look like our Italian ancestors!

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  1. That lobster is great! How did she do the background? Fused? Just aid out and quilted down?


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