Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Catching Up and Finding My Luggage

You probably have guessed by now that I have been on vacation.  We left for Seattle for 3 days then headed to Alaska.  So it was land and sea.  And Carrie and Andrew joined us.  She has been to Alaska with us before but Andrew had not.  It was fun seeing it through his eyes, even though he didn't want to be too impressed, he was.

We have sailed over 20 times now, and have never had a ship with mechanical problems.  This one had some sort of engine problem that prevented it from going fast enough to make all the ports so they cut out Ketchican.  Bummer, it was my favorite.  The helicopter was cancelled the day we were to fly to the glacier so we had to switch out for just seeing it from the Visitor Center. We did get a chance to visit the Russian Tailor in Skagway and I picked up some Alaskan Fabric for pillowcases.  I will show them to you when they resurface from their separate travels. 

The Miracle got back to Seattle and we were able to catch our plane home.  Last night after flying all day to Houston, we rounded the corner of the Concourse A and saw that our flight to Baton Rouge was cancelled.  This was not a happy thing for the 20 or so passengers standing in line and trying to get places.

Frank was all over renting a car and driving the 6 hours home.  I was not.  It just was not safe to drive for 6 hours after we had been up since essentially 3 AM on ships, buses and planes.  We were told there was a plane leaving from Concourse C in 20 minutes.  Right.  Surprisingly we made it!

And there was room on plane!  But was to New Orleans so we still had to get to BR!  I was lucky enough to catch the last person alive at Avis and got a car reserved as we stepped on the plane.  And since we had no luggage to pick up we were able to get to the rental car counter the minute before the clerk packed it up at midnight.

It was a good thing  put  my foot down in Houston about driving home from there.   We hit the BR airport to return the rental and pick up our car at about 2 am.  It was so good to get home and get a bath after being in planes all day. 

I still don't have a clue where my luggage is.  Luckily we learned a long long time ago to take the car keys and carry them with us.  And I took my driver's license and put it with my Passport in the neck thing I wear through customs.  I can drive this morning even though my purse went into the luggage on the ship. 

It was shock to see the news after being out of touch for the last 10 days.  The country is still going to hell in a handbasket.  How depressing. 

But it is good to get home.  I guess my goal is to figure out what to eat since no one will b cooking for me.  And to find out where my luggage is located and get it home!


  1. I want to take an alaskan cruise one day. You'll have to give me tips. Do you have to have a passport? I guess if your port is Canada you would.

    Welcome home.

  2. Welcome home. It sounds like quite a trip, especially that last, very long day ...


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