Friday, June 13, 2014

Quilting - Of a Sort

I had to do something.  I drank the kool-aid and went to that quilt shop closing sale three times now.  All I did with the fabric was to photograph it for you and toss it on my quilt room table. 

Good for you, not good for me!

So I went in there today, wrapped all the pieces on backer boards and tried to find a place for them to live until called upon for duty.  It was not easy finding an opening.  Anywhere.

And to make matters even worse....well not exactly are the fabrics i brought home from Alaska.  Don't worry, they are for pillowcases, and just enough for pillowcases, nothing more.

It seems I have a freestanding bookcase of Modern and one of the built in bookcases with everything else.  And I have boxes of stuff in other places too so don't think this is all of it.  I have about this much in a total of 4 other places.  But we won't talk about that, will we.

I feel like President Clinton at the height of Monica Scandal:  "I did not have sexual relations with that quilt shop."

.........maybe Frank will write a book and run for President..........


  1. So you must have been on the same trip as Anita from Connecting Threads! I follow their Notions blog and she said there were CT customers on the trip! :o) Quilters manage to always find each other.

  2. Oh my, is this part of your studio? Is there stuff on the floor in bags? I think I have that print with the bear my brother broughtt me back from Alaska. I will have to go look in my fabric storage room and see if I can find it.


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