Sunday, June 29, 2014

Walking Practice

Bo talked me into a walker rather than crutches after my surgery.  He also strongly advised that I practice with it before I had to use it under duress.  With the tendonitis in the "good" knee Dr. Gorgeous said to rest it and not walk on it.  It is really painful, like a 12 out of  that stupid cute smiley face 10 scale, so I decided that would be good practice.

It must really hurt for me to do this, you know.  I so detest it.  When Frank was still not home on Friday I decided to use it in the privacy of myself and the dogs.  The dogs thought it was some hysterical fun joke.

After we got through that I got off the oriental rug and on to the tiles and went sailing.  If nothing else I will have great biceps when all this is over.  Upper body strength is not so greatly overrated. 

It does take some practice.  By that night I was doing better.  On Saturday I perfected my moves, but Carrie came to change before going out and made some remarks about old people and walkers.  Gee I felt better after that.

Andrew came just before dinner and put the final nail in the proverbial coffin....he told me how I really didn't look old enough to be in a walker!  I guess that wasn't too bad, but he laughed.  He laughed!

No.....I won't do a picture for you....even though I like photos of other people in their moment of shame

Happy birthday Carrie!!!!!!  Today is # 29 for her. 

Oh, and if you didn't see the Quilt History website post, definitely go back and check it out.


  1. I hope your recovery is fast & that the pain is less each minute.

  2. Last night I had an awards show on and a very heavy set lady won. She walked slow and had a man with her to steady her on her walk to the stage and up the stairs. She apologized for her slow walk, but she had knee replacement surgery the week before! I thought she was moving darn good! Just tell anyone who make fun of you and your walker that Karma is a bitch!


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