Friday, July 11, 2014

Bluebonnet Swamp Exhibit

If you are interested in joining me in the Quilt The Swamp Exhibit at our Bluebonnet Swamp I can take your quilts there to hang and send them back to you when they come down.

I have had something in the Swamp (as we call it) forever.  Our wonderful quilter/teacher/friend Michael Young is curating it once again.  It was his original idea years ago and he has hung it through several illnesses; his own and his wife's.  We are so glad to have the show go on and with him at the helm once again.

Here are some details about the show, it is not juried, nor is it judged.  But many many people see it and the venue is perfect for quilt art.  There is always someone in the building when the building is open, it is the visitor center for the Bluebonnet Swamp, which is actually wetlands in the middle of Baton Rouge that was developed into a educational area with a boardwalk through a real untouched Louisiana Swamp.  In fact when Katrina and Gustav rolled through and did damage they did not clean it up.  They left it totally natural.

So the theme is Metamorphosis and you can do anything on that line, pertaining to watershed, swamps, things in swamps, lowland areas, animals/fish/insects related to the name it.  Some do art quilts, some do vessels, some do knitting/crochet art, dolls, fiber art, shapes.  If you want to toss ideas around let me know.  

Now, here are the details!

2015  -  Quilt the Swamp (Jan. 12-Feb. 16) exhibition returns to the BREC Bluebonnet Nature Center. Michael Young as curator.  The theme is Metamorphosis.  Your commitment to Michael is due by Dec. 15th. The Entry Form and the art piece will be due on the January 6, 2015.  Forms on the CFAL blogspot    Contact Michael at for more information.


  1. You must be feeling pretty darn good since you are posting! Yeah!!! I am looking forward to see the picture of Dr. Gorgeous!

  2. Ooooh! I like this idea. I'll have to do some research on swamp things. Thank you for the offer :-)


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