Thursday, July 10, 2014

Dr. Gorgeous Thrills the Staff

At about 10:30 this morning dr. Gorgeous walks into my room.  My sexy hospital gown was pulled slightly off my left shoulder an my red hair had that tussled look. I am sure he thought I was his most beautiful patient.

He said everything wen t well yesterday and that even though I just made it out the door before I was going to throw up was actually good for a first walk.

I showed him my new invention.  I put my foot on the rollers of the bedside table and moved it back and forth.  He seemed impressed.  Of course it is the thing that REALLY really hurts to do.  But he gave me that smile.  I am sure women would do anything to get that smile!!

I could tell he was impressed.

When he left, I had about six nurses rush to my room.  He is so gorgeous, they all said!  Where did you find him!  I told them when he says he is going to slice open my leg and rip out my bones, it sound like he is crooning about bringing me champagne and roses!  They all laughed and agreed with me.

I said i needed a picture do me with hi and they said next time he came in they would get a picture of him with me.

More PT torture this afternoon.  Let's see if I can make it without throwing up this time!!


  1. Oh Gosh...that nausea is the worst. Glad you are doing good other than that. Keep up the work and take those pain meds so you can continue to keep up the good work! So happy that all went well! Keep us posted.

  2. Not having experienced anything remotely like this I sure hope moving around gets all the meds out of your body so you can get rid of that urge to URP.

  3. So glad your ok! Your sense of humor is still intact. I'll bet the nurses love you:-) the PT will be a long road but your in good shape so it will come. Take your meds ;-)

  4. I am so glad you are doing well and you still have your sense of humor! Love the stories about Dr. Gorgeous!


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