Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Visitors with exceptional rewards

Frank left for work this morning.  Zach, the PT Guy, generally comes in the afternoon after 2 pm because Frank gets home by then and can get the dogs,out and the front door open.

But for some reason, Zach called at noon and said he'd be over shortly.  I took a pain pill, got DiNozzo and Hugeaux out the back door.  I roused Chloe from her snugly bed and put her out managing to keep DiNozzo out but Hugeaox came in.  I got McGee off the sofa and headed to the door.  Instead he headed to the other sofa.  I shoved him off the sofa and he headed for Chloe's bed.  I tilted the bed and dumped him out and he headed for the original sofa.  I shoved him off the sofa and somehow herded him out the back door without letting either of the two others back inside.  I gave up on Hugeaux and told home to go lay in his bed when the doorbell rang.

By the time Zach started torturing me, the doorbell rang again!  It was Ann with Blizzards from Dairy Queen!  I had a reward for when I finished!

Zach told me I was doing well, I got the bend of the knee to 100 degrees, which is 3 past yesterday.  90 degrees is a goal number and I am past that for this week!!! I am pushing nearly 0 degrees on the straight leg, but I can't walk with the leg straight.  Hmm.....

Pushing pushing pushing!  I can do all the exercises but the one where you lay back and pull the leg bent at the knee back to you hurts beyond belief.  It is the last one we do each time and I always have tears in my eyes.  Involuntary ones, but tears nonetheless.

I an still using my walker but maybe I will graduate to a cane in a week or a half out.  I can't wait!!!


  1. Chasing the dogs around - glory be, be careful so you don't fall! Glad to hear your progress! Blizzards make any situation better!

  2. Sounds like you are doing great. Keep up the good work! I used a sheet pulled against my ankle and would pull the leg down toward me when doing that last exercise. I lived with that sheet for quite a while and used it while watching TV sitting or lying down. Chasing those dogs will keep you moving too! That's the key....move, move, move! (Just be careful)


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