Tuesday, August 5, 2014

AGT I Love It!!

I did my knee exercises tonight to the last few acts on Americas Got Talent.  I love that show!

I know who I would vote off, and who I would keep.  But I am still not sure who I would vote to win it all.  There are so many deserving acts, this year is even stronger than last year.  If that is possible.

My knee is responding well to the renewed round of antibiotics.  I sure hope this set kills it all off.  I don't really know what I should be feeling at four weeks post surgery and what is the cellulitis hangover.  My knee actually feels good. The scar is going to be small, he did a nice fancy job of stitching me up with his invisible stitches and super glue.

I have two more home PT visits.  Then out to their place to extend the work on some apparatus.  I have constructed a step up here at the house.  Well, Frank did it, not actually me.  And I have been stepping!

I am eagerly waiting for Zach tomorrow to see if I can get to the 120s on my bend! I will keep you informed.

Thanks for the well wishes and concerns from the last few days.  I still feel funky.  Like I don't want to go anywhere or do anything.  I have picked up my fabric and needle to make some hexies but immediately got disinterested.  Maybe soon I will get my mojo back.

I will keep you informed about that too.


  1. I haven't been watching AGT since the audition shows. Maybe I will have to tune in and see what acts are still left in the competition. Last night as I was stitching the pants on the quilt I watched the movie "The Help".

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Missing you very much.

  3. I caught up on AGT last night. Some of the good ones seemed lackluster but I think they chose the right acts to move forward.


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