Monday, August 4, 2014

My Sunday Pastime Involves Doctors

Since I have decided to have emergencies only on Sundays to keep Bo and Dr. Gorgeous on their toes, I decided that the cellulitis was coming back.  My thigh and down to my ankle was turning a slight pinkish color.  And was beginning to swell a bit.  I knew that because I had been steadily progressing toward a knee bend of 130 degrees.  But Wednesday I was stuck on the 113 from Monday.  And again on Friday I was actually less than 113 degrees.

So that meant it was swelling at the knee as well.  I called Bo.  Who was in Florida.  I swear that man parties more than one human is allowed.  He got together with Dr. Gorgeous and they called in another round of antibiotics.

I just returned from letting the doc oogle it.   And it was greatly improved in just three doses of antibiotics.  He shook his head,  interested that it had gotten better with the antibiotics, but concerned that it had resurfaced.  So he extended the length if this new round of antibiotics to 14 days.  Hopefully this will knock out whatever ails me.

And when Zach the PT guy came today! I got to a bend of.....get this.......118!!!!!

See?  I told you it was swelling!


  1. Glad you didn't wait until Monday to get your knee looked at. I am crossing my fingers that this new course of antibiotics takes care of the infection.

  2. Feeling for you. Sending positive thoughts and good vibes that your leg heals completely!!!!

  3. Glad you had it taken care of immediately and didn't linger with it. Excellent on the knee bend! Stay positive and continue on!!

  4. I hope you're ok - don't take any chances


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