Thursday, September 4, 2014

52 Photos - Gallery 18 - The Sign Says.......

If you are old like me, you will remember that song by Tesla.  It may well have been a one hit wonder as well, since I had to look up who actually sang it.  And had never heard of them.

His sign says, Long hair freaky people need not apply.  Another sign read, Anybody caught trespassing will be shot on sight.  Or another, you got to have a membership card to get inside.

Tesla was definitely quite the hippie type.  And at that time we were testing the limits of fitting dirty words into lyrics.  Not even close to today's though.  Even so, I have cleaned up a couple of the words for you!  So he gets himself a pen and paper and writes his own sign that says, Thank you Lord for thinking 'bout me, I'm alive and doing fine.

Less rules and more gratitude.  We could all use some of that, hippie or not!

That is all nice and good.  My kind of sign is very different.  Way more commercial than the hippie culture of the 60s would have wanted.

Harbor Freight is a place I frequent often.  But when I go there my shopping list is for quilting items.  Yes, you heard correctly!

Just this morning I was there getting some canvas drop cloths for a quilting project I am  working on.  I also stopped by the local resale shop, The Purple Cow, and found some green linen pants on their 99 cent rack.

My project will definitely be groovy as I re-purpose and recycle once more!



  1. Oh, I remember the original Signs by Five Man Electrical Band in 1971. Maybe they were a one-hit wonder here in the states, not sure about their native Canada. I think metal band when I remember Tesla, but maybe the difference between hippy and metal or hair band is all in how you wear that long hair, i.e., use hairspray or not. ;)

    Intrigued as to what you're gonna do with those dropcloths!

  2. For prep work - Creative, Brave and Grooviness - SCORE!!!! Can't wait to see your creation!!!'


  3. Of course I remember the song - a good one! And pray tell - what are you going to so with canvas dropcloths? Painting on them??

  4. fun post and never knew who sang that song until now. wishing you a good week!

  5. That was the best song! Thank you for adding to {the sign says}!


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