Sunday, September 21, 2014

Banned Book Challenge Piece

I had so much fun looking through the list of banned and challenged books that it was hard to make a decision.    But Clockwork Orange kept sticking in my mind.  We had seen it years ago, maybe even when we were dating.  We also saw a movie around the same time called Z.

The only thing i an remember about either movie was a scene where they kept repeating the same explosion of this house.  And the close up was the refrigerator.  And it had this huge fish in it that flew through the air ----  over and over and over and over again!

Frank had fallen asleep.  And I guess what makes the scene so  memorable is the scream he let out when the sound system exploded with sound.  Yep, pretty memorable!

I really don't remember what the Clockwork Orange movie was like, but when I read the synopsis of the book, I was not really sure I  had even seen the movie.  I really don't remember it at all.

What i did find interesting was that it was challenged in England but when the movie got to America it was rated X.  So when I constructed the Challenge piece, I added a big X across the front.  Can you see it?  Frank says he cannot. 

And to be really radical, I used polyester for the X!  Everything else is cotton.

I wa looking around for something to use for the back.  I really didn't want to cut a chunk of a piece of yardage so I dug around in my orphan block box.  And to be even more radical, i chose one that had no orange in it at all!

I am glad we live in a free society, where we can read what we want.  And on the other side, we can challenge what we think should be culled.  I am glad that those who want to change what I can do or  say do not have the ultimate authority over me. 

Yes, challenge what you want, but I don't have to adhere to your rules! 


  1. Love the pink polka dot and black polka dot hair dryers on the back! Lol

  2. I love it !!!! You crazy clockwirky rebel you :-)

  3. I am now catching up for the weekend. Glad you are progressing on getting your new mattress. The Clockwork orange piece is great and I love the back!


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