Saturday, September 13, 2014

Football baby

I guess you are wondering what binding I went with.  Carol was right, it needed the dark brown.  It in innocuous and does not call attention to itself.  Both the medium and lighter colors were glaring along the edge and looked like another design element.

I will hand sew down the binding tonight.  Wait till you see the great label I put on it!  I did one of those corner triangle labels since I did not sew the label into the backing like I usually do.  But the wording on the labels is what I was so inspired to put on there.  Actually I paraphrased one I found on Pinterest.

It says:  William, this quilt was made for you!  You can place it upon your bed.  It is not an heirloom so lay on it and dream.  You can count sheep or perhaps lay it upon the grass and gaze at the stars.  It can be a superhero cape or it can comfort you when you are sad. Use it and wear it out!  And when its days are through, I will make you another!

I think he might like it!  I certainly do!

I wrote it up as a  pattern.  One day I might be famous enough for someone to want to buy something from me........and you can say you knew me when!

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  1. What a great finishing touch writing that poem - it's wonderful. She is going to cry :-) why don't you make it into a pattern and sell it on Craftsy . It's modern and I'll bet it would sell . You will be a hit !


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