Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Having Your Stupid Moment in the Morning.......

eye photo: eye eye_pyramid.jpg...leaves the afternoon open for another one!

I had an appointment with my eye specialist this morning at 9:15.  I have a growth in my right eye he watches and measures yearly now.  It has not grown at all and we are comfortable with that.  It is different from scar tissue, which I will get to in a minute.  It is actually epithelium cells, but they have no changed in size or shape in the year and a half he has been following it.  So we are cool with that.

I also have a lazy eye, that nothing can be done with.  I originally had lasik in when they could no longer correct it with lenses.  It worked beautifully.  Then it got a cataract and a new fancy lens.

Now it is cloudy making it difficult to see anything now as it is getting worse.  I have scar tissue behind the new lens.  I say new, it has been 4 or 5 years now since the surgery.  And it necessitates a procedure called YAG.  I like the name, YAG.

They use a laser to burn the scar tissue.  And they go through the outside of the eye, and it doesn't get burned.......go figure.

So here's the stupid thing.

When my eyes were CLEAR, not dilated even, I wanted to take my machine to get cleaned and oiled by Alex who is near the eye doctor's office.  And I didn't want him to think I was a total slob so I opened up the bobbin area of the machine to clean it out before putting it in the car.  The walking foot was on, so......here is the stupid thing.......while the bobbin case was open, I took the walking foot off. 

screw photo: Screw 100_3804_500x410_1.jpgI drop the stupid little screw that holds the stupid foot on the stupid shaft.......yes.........down into the stupid bobbin area.  Whereupon it immediately finds one of those stupid little holes and fits its stupid self right down into the dark, scary, evil depths of the stupid machine.  (Everywhere you see the word stupid please insert the four letter word of your choice, I did.)

He said, in his thick Russian accent, not problem, lady.  I find it when I open machine.

the afternoon is still ahead of me........let's see what other stupid things I can do!


  1. Your machine is much newer than mine. The screws on mine are huge. That's the good thing about old stuff. Sorry about your mishap. Hope all your eye things turn out terrific.

  2. All caused by lack of sleep I'm sure. Ypu need vibrations to stimulate the brain cells.

  3. And he will! Then if he likes you, he will tell you how not to do it again. I love him and his accent. I just bring Stelly and smile & nod like I understand every word. Which I wouldn't even without the accent.

  4. Ahhh reading from the dictionary of the 4 letter word again are we?


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