Saturday, September 13, 2014

Louisiana Traveling Quilt

I was so glad that a number of people in the Louisiana Traveling Quilt Group wanted to jump ahead just before my surgery.  Several of them finished two months and sent them ahead.  It worked our perfectly for  me because I received a quilt just three weeks ago at the end of August.  I thought I was late for August!  Whew!  I was not, it was the September quilt.

Now they thought they would shake me, but I lived up to the challenges.  First off, when I took the quilt out of the package, I saw an open space at the  lower left.  To put a block in there would require a dreaded Y seam!

Luckily I am an expert at those Y seams!  you can't get me that easily!

(I wonder why my block looks crinkly?  I ironed the darned thing before I hung it to  take the photo!)

Then I saw the theme was Outdoors.  And there were several trees, a fabulous clothesline with a quilt on it and some outhouses.  I thought it needed a garden!

So I got out my graph paper and drafted some veggies.  Carrots and turnips grew quickly, WELL, actually not so quickly.  But they grew, lets leave it at that.

I do so love them though.  My block may not be as large some of the other blocks,  but you can't always choose the size of your garden.  It is more work than it looks!  LOL.

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