Thursday, September 11, 2014

Quilting Complete on the Football

I slapped it on the long arm and quilted it in record time.  I should be competing with somebody because I finished the top this afternoon and the quilting tonight.   I think the binding will get done tomorrow.  A 24 hour turn around!

Of course the quilting is not complicated, just a medium sized meander. 

But nothing is without difficulty. The thread I chose was a Connecting Threads small spool of variegated brown/tan/red/blue.  As I was winding the bobbin and the thread kept ending.  I had three bobbins of various small lengths, and I needed a fourth to complete the last row of the quilt.  Pain in the patooty.

But the quilting went along easily and like I said, it finished in about an hour. 

There are actually three browns, the dark football, the medium back and the light laces.  I think the binding needs to be the medium brown.  Although after looking at it in the light tomorrow, it may be that the dark brown is better.

I am loving this baby!  It is my favorite quilt!  I hope Caroline loves it as much as I do.  But I am thinking she is more like Carrie than me.  And I am not sure that she will feel as strongly about it!  Maybe little William will fall in love!

 Oh, Frank wanted me to cut the sides so it would actually look like a football.  He is very literal.  He did not like the square-ness of the football.  I told him to get over it.


  1. As an art quilter I agree with frank but as mommie I'm sure it will be better like it is - nicely done! I vote dark border

  2. Ooh, I think orange is a better binding color! Have you done river rocks on the long arm yet? I bet they are awesome on that thing! And gooooooooley I bet feathers are a dream on that compared to on the 1600P. Maybe one day I'll be able to get one, Pugh not interestd in the frame...or maybe I am? I guess I'd have to check it out. Do tell me how you are liking that thing.


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