Monday, October 27, 2014

Dr. Pepper as a Fashion Statement

Carrie and Andrew moved into their new house this weekend.  I helped unpack boxes and boxes and boxes.  Andrew's mom, Fayne, cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  We saw a lot of each other.  So I was surprised when she sat next to me at the eye doctor's this morning!  We had a pleasant conversation about the perils of the driveway at the new house!

I got a clean bill of health after my laser surgery last week and I headed to find some lunch.  I really didn't know what I wanted.  At the last minute before turning home, I settled upon Taco Bell.  their meals come with a LARGE drink.  An I filled it full of my favorite, Dr. Pepper.  As I was leaving, I went to refill my LARGE cup with more Dr. Pepper for the ride home.

Somehow.....not sure how.......the LARGE cup tipped over.  All over me.  From my waist down I was literally drenched in Dr. Pepper. 

And on the drive home, it began to dry.  Not only did I have to suffer the embarrassment of getting covered with Dr. Pepper, but now I am extremely sticky. 

All the way home I kept thinking, I like to wear my  Dr. Pepper!  I am going to clean myself up and work on Seuss 2 and see if I can get it on the Avante by tonight.

I am thinking that this afternoon I will try the spikey borders on the sides as well.

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  1. The quilt is looking good! I remember my son dumped a big cup of Mountain Dew in my glove compartment of the car. There was a shallow cup holder when you open the glove compartment door and we had just visited Taco Bell. He hit the open door with his knee and there went the MD! What a sticky mess!


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