Friday, October 24, 2014

Look What I Won In the Banned Book Challenge!

I am already looking for 5 inch square and 2 1/2 inch square quilts!

My Clockwork Orange small quilt won in the Banned Book Challenge that Crafty Garden Mom did.  remember my piece?  You need to check out this post by Tanesha yesterday, this lady is definitely my new best friend!  I think she might just be yours as well.


 I won some pretty wonderful stuff!

Here is the whole package of stuff, a canvas bag, embroidery pattern, thread and a Noteworthy 5 inch charm pack from Moda!
 And a button!  I DO read banned books!  LOL

Here is the charm pack of Noteworthy from Moda.


  1. It's amazing what will cause a book to be put on that list. Some people are so narrow minded.
    Love your quilt - orange is my second favorite after red. I haven't read that banned book, but I have read lots of others. (Little House in the Prairie... one of them because of the "N" word.)

  2. Nice prizes! Congratulations! The noteworthy pack looks really cool. I listen to Tanesha's podcasts and love her.


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