Thursday, October 23, 2014

Too Many Modern Quilts!

I am a member of an exclusive 10 person group made of Modern Quilters in Louisiana (or who have ties to Louisiana since two are from Virginia!)  called The Louisiana Traveling Quilt.  We submit a central block and it passes through each person's hands to have a block added to it.  Sometimes we have a theme, like mine is houses.  I sent several houses to be included along the way. 

We have one person from Haughton LA and two from Monroe, LA; one from West Monroe, LA and one from Evergreen LA; three of us are from Baton Rouge, LA.  Then there is one from Triangle VA and one from Fredricksburg VA.  Sort of an eclectic group I would say.  And we even have one guy! LOL. 

We are in month 6 and some of the quilts are already so large I can't imagine how they will end up.  I have made some of my blocks smaller just because of the "large" factor.

And I have 40% of all our quilts!  Here are the quilts I have in my possession as of today:  Can you separate them from my messy room????

This is a Louisiana themed quilt for Kelly. Her starter block was that state outline, I love it!
 This is a quilt for Mr. Pat.  His starter bock was the lines just to the right of those flying geese in the center.

This is an I Spy Quilt for Ms. Pat.  Not sure what the starter block was for this one.   But all the pieces are geared toward I Spy for Kids in her classes.

This is another Louisiana inspired quilt for Ramona.  Don't you just love that map of New Orleans! Kelly did that!

I am gong to work on each one and send them on to where they should be!


  1. I have a Round Robin quilt from years and years ago - it came out fabulous - I think because you start out with a medallion that gives the general feel of the quilt and then ever one adds a border. I really need to get that out and finish it.

  2. These quilt are getting large! I love the alligator on the 4th quilt!


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