Thursday, November 27, 2014

52 Photos - Gallery 30 - Look Down

When I am in the house and I look down I see lots and lots of short dog hair covering my tile floors.  No matter what I do to sweep or vacuum daily, it is there covering the dark floors.  A never ending supply of dog hair. 

Mixed in with the dog hair is fabric strings and clippings.  In my dining room, where the long arm is set up, I just finished trimming a tiny edges of all the circle so they won't show behind the white of the background fabric.  Oye!  Lots of fabric bits and pieces on the floor!

When I am outside these days, underfoot is nothing but leaves.  Leaves and grass that is not sure if it will warm tomorrow or freeze tonight.  At least we don't stay cold or freezing and we certainly don't have snow!

But my favorite looking down photo is from a trip to the Gulf Coast on our 40th Anniversary several years ago.  Here we are, standing on the seawall looking down into the murky water. 

One might think the water in the Gulf looks like the Florida blue all over.  Not so, here in Louisiana and on most of the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coast it looks like this.


  1. What a sweet memory from your 40th anniversary.
    And about the dog hair: I haven't had cats for years, and I still find a cat hair every now in then from stuff I packed away when I had them. Sweet memories too. Hope you're having a lovely holiday.

  2. Such lovely memories + a beautiful photo. Thank you for adding to {Look Down}.


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