Saturday, November 29, 2014

A Month of Freezer Meals

I don't know about you, but I am dog tired!  As I look around my house, the dogs are the only ones who really are not tired!  Frank was in the yard today and yesterday and Wednesday, changing out the fence boards, mulching up the leaves, cleaning out the bird baths; doing all sorts of odd jobs that kept him outside in the beautiful weather.

I mostly sewed on Wednesday, just making a few dishes for the Thanksgiving meal at Carrie's with her in-laws.  And today i spent all day cooking.  And Frank says, hey, lets go to Walk On's for dinner!  LOL  All that cooking and he wants to eat out.

I generally do some extra cooking ever once in a while, keeping my freezer in quickie meals so I can sew all day long, or shop all day long, and still have a nice meal on the table at night.  when Carrie was little, we both had high power jobs and Fran was out of town so much.  I kept the freezer full of meals for Carrie and I so we didn't ave to do fast food all the time. 

Lentil SoupI haven't done meals in a long time, and when I cleared out my freezer a few weeks ago, it just looked empty and lonely!  So today I cooked.

I spent $140 at the grocery store this morning, and made:

4 Chicken, Black Bean and Corn Soups
8 meals of Lentil Sausage and Kale Soup
4 meals of Chicken Enchiladas with lots of sharp cheddar cheese
4 meals of Roast Chicken Breasts with Carrots Beans and Potatoes
6 meals of Spaghetti Sauce for pasta or whatever
40 Meatballs
3 meals of Chicken Breasts marinated in soy, honey and garlic that will get grilled on skewers with  

and I still have 5 lbs of ground meat to make hamburger patties tomorrow.

It is amazing how much you can cook for so little money.  I have often thought I would teach a class to  welfare mom's with families to feed.  My meals are cheap, healthy and delicious!

 I think I would be good at that.

My freezer is humming away chilling all my meals.  All I have to add to each meal is a nice crusty bread for the spaghetti or Lentil Soups, or some sour cream for the enchiladas and soup.  And a salad or some fruit. 

I see a lot of sewing time in my future!  I was looking through a few of mom's old magazines and came across 3 quilts I would like to do and I have the new Bonnie Hunter Mystery to work on as well.

Busy, busy busy.  I am glad I have dinner made!


  1. Hey! Let's plan a day of Bonnie Mystery sewing!

  2. It all sounds yummy! You made black bean soup? I love, love, love black beans! I have been collecting black been recipes and I could use a good one for soup!


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