Friday, November 21, 2014

Dog Obedience - Basset Style

I have trained dogs all my life.  It started when my grandfather would take me to the Shriner's Circus in New Orleans and we would go back into the performer's area before the show.  He asked me, how do you think they get an elephant to sit up?  You can't pick it up like you can with a dog.

I puzzled about that question for months, pouring over training books and shows like Lassie and Rin Tin Tin.  I experimented on my dog Coffee.  She was the best trained dog in the neighborhood.  When I taught her everything, I started on the neighbor dogs.  And then branched out into my own company Obedience 101.

That was a lifetime ago.  I trained dogs for 43 years as a professional!

I have been in the ring many many time.  I have won and I have lost.  And I have lost big!  The dog in this video is most likely as well trained as any other dog, but he just has more fun!

This is Bonnie Doon and I in an obedience ring when she just turned a year.  She starts out nice but then fails to sit during the Figure 8 exercise

I can see my beautiful Irish Setter boy doing what the Golden retriever in the video does; he actually did something similar in an obedience ring when he left me to beg a bystander for a bite of hot dog.  You fell like an idiot standing in the ring by yourself.

But it would be a Basset Boyz' heaven!  They would totally LOVE this exercise!

Click  here to see a really happy dog!    Golden retriever Obedience Fail


  1. That video had me laughing out loud! Our Irish setter would have done the same back in the day. I'll never forget the day he got off his leash and made a bee line for the neighbor's house to look for that little dog that yipped at him all day long. He just wanted to play, but the way he did was kind of how the retriever picks up the stuffed animal toy and shakes it. Um, not so good for a live toy. All's well that ended well, though. He was just a big goofy lovable dog.

  2. what a cool fact about you! and the video brightened my day.


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