Saturday, November 29, 2014

Flabbergasted By My New Quilt Magazine!

As you know from the last post, I have been cooking all day long.

I just, at 10 PM, now had a chance to sit down and go through my mail.  Frank wanted to know what was in the "brown paper envelope" with my name on it.  I kept telling him it was a "quilt porn" magazine.

And indeed it was!

I opened it randomly toa page, and thought, hmmmm........ that looks like Carol's bench on the edge of that lake with the moon reflecting in it.  Someone stole her idea!  I was all bristly and up in arms!

I looked closer, and lo!  and behold!  it WAS Carol!

Now you have got to check out the newest issue of Art Quilting Studio and you will see, right there on page 56, my friend Carol! 

Another one I can say....I knew her when!

Great article, Carol, beautiful work, wonderful photos and an amazing pair of quilts!

You go, girlfriend!


  1. I'm going to have to go out and buy a new hat now, my head is so big :-) thank you for mentioning my article. I didn't think many people got that magazine - so glad you do. They sent me a free copy last week and I must say it is a thrill to see your name in print to say nothing of your work. I am beaming reading your blog today :-)


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