Friday, November 21, 2014

Jersey Shore Hook Ups -- oops!

Yes, I can srewe up most anything! 

This is what it should look lik when it is finished.  This is not sewn but it might be the only time my block actually lays flat!  LeeAnn assures me I can do this!

Here is my first one.  I had to pull up a video and check which part should be on top.  Once I had that figuredd out I made the first block.  It was OK, a bit out of sorts.  I had to startch it to makke it lie mostly flat. 

But wait......

The second one suffered....a  lot.  I have already taken the bottom pie shape off once and it looks likke it needs a little TLC again.

Startch ain't gonna help this baby!

I held my breath as I picked up a third one.

This time I pinned the heck out of it. 

Better.  Much Better.

Here are all of them together.

Needs work, I know. I wonder if that will quilt out.............

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